C-TRIED: Centre for Training, Resource, Innovation and Education Development.


The trust shall be for public charitable and educational purpose, to the people at all levels without considering cast, creed and community, solely for philanthropic purpose and not for purpose of the profit. The activities of the trust shall be geared at the welfare and up-lift of the poor and down trodden, including the weaker sections of the minority communities, scheduled caste, scheduled tribes and all backward communities, to aim promote environmental,climate change renewable energy-waste management activities.


a. To organize programmes for students to enhance academic attainment and to develop social and relation skills that last throughout their lives.

b. Conduct vocational guidance programme, career guidance etc for students, unemployed youth and women’s.

c. Promote rural development projects and charitable schemes for the welfare of the weaker sections and rural people of India.

d. Associate with governmental, on governmental charitable and educational institution with similar objectives and take over and manage such institutions with similar objects and take over and manage such institutions if necessary or help by giving contributions and other assistances.

e. Function as much as possible for national integration, propagation of human thoughts, protection of rights of women and other backward people of the society.

f. Providing environmental technology to the masses, waste management systems, non conventional energy system, water supply projects and micro irrigation systems.

g. To promote skill development programmes, placement guidelines, block chain competency development programme, digital innovation programme.

h. To promote student orientation programme, empower-Train the trainer life skill. empowerproviding and inspiring women’s to excel as lifelong learners.